Darjeeling Tourism

Darjeeling was derived from the word Dorjeeling which means the place of 'Dorjee' the majestic and supreme thunderbolt which belong to the Lamaist way religion and something it is all about the God Indra. Darjeeling Tours is a Perfect Ambience for Colorful Destination

Darjeeling is the place known for the tea industry and Darjeeling tour will show us that cardamom and oranges is thriving plantation here. There are traditional craft from Sikkim and Tibet and this place is known for the food and arts of Sikkim and Tibet too. We will find the climate of Darjeeling a bit cold in summer and very cold in the winter season. When we are interested in Darjeeling tourism we must expect rain at any time and summer and spring are the best time to visit.

When we are going for Darjeeling travel we must find out the best places as per our need to visit for the period we are there. The best place is the Dhoom Gompa which is about 8 km from Darjeeling hill station and is famous for the Maitrayie Buddha and few monasteries where one can find some handwritten manuscripts that we may find interesting. The Mall is another attraction for Darjeeling tour and we can find it a superb place for shopping of local woolen and handicraft products and then after we have finished shopping, a snack or a lunch break sounds satisfying.

Darjeeling town

The mall leads to chaurasta and this is a place for pony riding for children and one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place immensely. There are other few tourist places that are very important and we just cannot miss them if we have started for Darjeeling travel. The Observatory hill is a place where they have temples now and has got a captivating history. There is the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute where they have display of the equipment used for climbing the Mt Everest by the Creator Tenzing Norgay. There is a zoological garden that has some wildlife for the tourists to visit.

The Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway is another spot from a few kilometers from the town and is the first passenger ropeway one can contact to book seats to enjoy the rides. Often we will get these spots covered under different Darjeeling packages that one can opt for and then we are able to enjoy the whole tour without any hassles. There are a few Darjeeling hotels that can be a good spot to stay in there. The Darjeeling honeymoon is a good decision for the new couples and there are a lot of good hotels and resorts that we can check out for the perfect ambience for the stay in such a beautiful town vibrating with life. The detailed description of all the Darjeeling hotels and Darjeeling tourist places can be availed from our site.

Darjeeling Sightseeing

Darjeeling Toy Train
Darjeeling Toy Train
The Himalayan Railway is named as Darjeeling Toy Train and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site...
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
The Museum is the one of the three different and interesting Museums that is situated on Exhibition...

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Things to do

Trekking in Sandakphu Darjeeling
Trekking in Sandakphu
The best place to go for a trek in Darjeeling is the Sandakphu in Singhalia range....
Darjeeling Tea
Drink some Darjeeling Tea
The visitors all know about the tea drinking habits and there are a lot of tea gardens ...

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